The area of discussion for each conversation group is primed by individual members reading of recognised writers in biblical studies and theology shaped around four different streams or years:

The Hebrew Scriptures or Christian Old Testament

The New Testament

Church History

Theology and Mission

Members of a theological conversation group can explore these four streams in an order that best suits them and their experience.

The conversation groups are enriched by the possibility of members exploring different streams simultaneously in the same group, leading to overlapping conversations. This is made possible by the general Exploring faith Matters principle that each person is responsible for their own learning.

Following the reading schedule offered by the mentor, each person reads a chapter a week of the stream they are exploring and brings to the group the ideas that capture their imagination or anything that they wish to share with the group.

In an Exploring faith Matters conversation group there are no written requirements, exams, tests or any need for a person to justify their approach to the way in which they are studying. Regular participation the weekly group is strongly encouraged but there are no attendance requirements or register.

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